The Ultimate Vaping Guide for E-Cigarette Enthusiasts

The Ultimate Vaping Guide for E-Cigarette Enthusiasts

Imagine a situation, where someone enters a posh looking club and sees a bunch of friends discussing vaping. Upon hearing words like mods, vape pens, pod mods, e-cigs, etc, the person will be confused about whether to join the conversation or stay away from it. This would be because neither the person knows the vaping jargon nor anything about vape devices.

One can avoid such awkward circumstances if they know about vaping and the corresponding devices. Read on to know everything about vaping devices and how to select the best device from so many available in the market. After all, when you have decided to quit smoking, vaping is the solution that helps you in breaking the habit.

Here is a quick guide to let you have the most suitable vape device as per your specific preferences.

Parts of a vape device

First of all, one needs to understand the basic parts of vape device. It is a thing that performs vaporizing.

  • Battery – this is the largest component which enables the device to work.
  • Atomizer – also called vape coils, which vaporize the e-juice.
  • E-juice – this is the one that creates vapors for inhalations. It is a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavors, and nicotine.

Vaping Styles

There are different styles of vaping. The right type of device can be chosen based on the vaping style. Once the style is established, it is easier to go in for the ideal vape device. The 3 most common styles are:

  • Standard: This is very similar to an electronic cigarette and works exactly the same way. The vaper will draw the e-cigarette from the mouth and inhale it.
  • Sub-ohm: If the vaping device carries a coil with a resistance of less than one ohm, then it is classified as a sub-ohm device
  • Dry herb: In this case, the vaping device heats the ingredients to release vapor

    Questions to consider when buying e-cigarettes

    After this, one needs to ponder over these questions and get the answers right.

    • Does he need a device that works exactly like a cigarette?
    • Is he looking for a one with a cartridge or a refillable tank?
    • Does he need a one which is convenient?
    • Vapor or pleasure, choose between the two.

      It is strongly recommended that a beginner starts with pod mods or vape pens since they are easy to use. They both come with refillable cartridges and tanks and the vaping style is similar to traditional cigarettes. Other vaping devices are sub-ohm mods that produce maximum vapor and new users might find it a little complicated to use initially.

      Cig-a-likes come in 2 categories, the refillable and the disposable ones. They both work in more or less the same fashion. There is a slight difference – the refillable e-cigs can be filled again with an e-juice of choice. Also, it is possible to recharge the battery for further uses. The disposable ones need to be discarded when the battery is used up or when the cartridge gets dry.

      Tips to pick the right vaping pen

      If someone is looking at vape pens, then the most important things to remember are:

      • Go with a pure titanium pen: Many pens and their coils are now made using low-grade titanium alloys instead of pure titanium. These metals are not tested and their effects are not studied. It is better to avoid such vaping devices.
      • Stay away from Teflon: Most portable vaping devices use a non-stick coating of Teflon which melts when used and is hazardous to the human body.
      • Know your atomizer: Atomizers are made using titanium, copper, quartz, and ceramic. Each type has its benefits and defects. It is suggested to have firsthand information on these aspects, to have a good vaping session.
      • Opt for steel attachments: Typically, pen attachments are made of copper, a metal that gives out fumes when heated at high temperatures. Avoid the risk of metal fume fever by go for a stainless steel attachment.
      • Get safe batteries: Authentic batteries ensuring temperature specificity to a few degrees are quite expensive and not easy to procure. Most batteries merely reach a set temperature by transferring voltage via the atomizer coil. When the button of the device is pressed for a long time, the temperature continues to rise which results in a reduction of the flavors and the effect of the cannabinoids.

        Pods also are available as open or closed pod systems. Open ones can be refilled with e-juice whereas closed pods have cartridges filled with liquid and have to be thrown away after usage.

        How to get the maximum out of e-cigarettes?

        Now we look at some key factors worth considering irrespective of the device chosen:

        • Quality: If the quality is compromised, it won’t vape and it might be dangerous too.
        • Satisfaction: Vapers require the throat hit, i.e. the sensation of inhaling something good.
        • Vapor: Powerful devices produce more vapor.
        • Flavor: a good flavor enhances the vaping experience. Choose from a variety of vape juice flavors like watermelon, vanilla, lemon, cinnamon and many more.

          Vaping is an experience that needs customization for the individual. It takes time to get used to it. But once it is mastered, you can be sure of enjoying vaping better than traditional smoking.

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