Squonking Guide: Everything about This Vaping Process

Squonking Guide: Everything about This Vaping Process

There are high chances that vapers might have heard about the word Squonking, but there are even higher chances they don’t know its meaning. Squonking is a new trend in the vaping fraternity that is offering mind-blowing experience, especially to the cloud chasers. Those who are into Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA) would be thrilled when they get to know about the process of squonking fully. Before we delve deep into this form of vaping, let us start by understanding its basics.

What Exactly is Squonking?

Squonking is a vaping technique that includes a squonk mod and a bottom fed-tank atomizer. This method allows you to pump the e-liquid into your wicks and coils on demand. The main purpose of the invention of squonking is to remove the hassle of filling the e-liquids while using the traditional RDA. Apart from the inconvenience, this old method of filling the e-liquid was also highly time-consuming.

A significant point to note is that squonking acts as the perfect option for those vapers who are looking for an all-in-one solution.

How a Squonking Mod Works?

Unlike the standard RDA, a squonk mod demands a little effort from the user. You will see a small opening, either in the back or the side of the mod for seeing the level of e-liquid. Importantly, this is the same opening that will enable you to transfer the e-liquids through the tube to the atomizer, by squeezing the tubes slightly. When you squeeze the bottle, the e-juice moves upward to the tank. This pressing of the bottle is known as squonking. Let us now see the full working of a squonking mod in a stepwise manner:

  • Squeeze the bottle slowly to move the e-liquid to the tank
  • Wait till the wicks are saturated enough
  • Release the bottle and wait till it retains its original shape
  • Hit the power button and start vaping
  • Squonk again when the flavor starts fading away or when you see the wick drying up. 

What are the Benefits of Squonking?

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of squonking is that you can save a lot of time. The constant replacement of e-liquids can be a great bother, especially for vapers who like to vape it long. Another advantage of squonking is that you can be assured of minimal to no e-liquid leakage. The standard method of refilling leaves a lot of room for losing out precious and expensive e-liquids, primarily through leaking. Through squonking, you won’t be encountering the issue again.

Tips for Having Optimal Squonking Experience

If you can keep in mind a few simple and straightforward things while squonking, you can be certain of having good vaping sessions. We have listed below some of the best tips and strategies for achieving ultimate squonking experience:

 # Put Safety First

A factor that makes any gadget stand out from the rest is the authenticity. If you are buying your vaping device from an unregulated source, there are chances that your device may even explode. It is hence mandatory to put safety as your first priority. So, it is strongly recommended that you buy your squonking mod from a reputable manufacturer.

 # Buy Batteries Smartly

If you don’t vape as often, then the standard 18650 batteries will suit you the best. But if you have a squonking mod, it would be great if you are having an extra battery with you. However, be certain of buying your batteries from authentic sources as there are dishonest vendors out there who sell defective batteries.

 # Squonk Efficiently

People who are new to squonking might either under-squonk or over-squonk. Pressing the bottle too little can give unpleasant dry hits which will eventually hurt your vaping experience. While pressing it too hard can lead to e-liquid spit back and consequently its leakage. With a little practice, one can develop the habit of efficient squonking where one presses the tube with a force that is aptly required. This is an intuitive process that can only be cultivated over a period of time.

 # Size Factor

One of the rare drawbacks of a squonking mod is that it is larger than your standard vaping mod. This is primarily because it holds a much bigger e-liquid bottle. Those who are looking for a small mod which is easier to carry may need to forgo the squonking mods. Comfort while vaping is as important than the e-liquid flavor itself.

You have just finished reading about one of the best types of vaping you will ever encounter. The trend of squonking is expected to go even higher as more people are choosing ease over style. Satisfaction is slowly becoming the ultimate thing for vapers.

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