All You Need to Know about Mastering the Art of Cloud Chasing

All You Need to Know about Mastering the Art of Cloud Chasing

Many vapers consider cloud chasing as an art that can be mastered only by a few. Extracting massive clouds of smoke from the e-cigarette has become a competition among vaping enthusiasts. It won’t be surprising if it emerges as a pro-league competition in the near future.

Also known as ‘stunt vaping’ or ‘extreme vaping’ this art evolved as the practice of vaping grew. It is hard to imagine two or more friends sitting together and competing whose cloud smoke is the biggest one.

If you too want to exhale thick plumes of smoke for recreation or fun, you may want to see how best you can master the art and impress your friends.

This is exactly what this post intends to do.

If you want to generate maximum excitement from the thick vape clouds then it is not very challenging to do so. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned expert. All it takes is a bit of adjustment of the vaping device, the correct arrangement of materials, and some degree of persistence.

How to make your vape smoke thicker?

Most of the cigarette smokers get confused about how these e-cigarettes emit out thick clouds of smoke. The answer is very simple. With the many tricks and tips suggested you can find a very good solution of how to make vape smoke thicker.

If you are successful enough in applying these techniques properly, it’s a guarantee that you will get to enjoy the sight of dense clouds of smokes coming out from your e-cigarette and start enjoying your e-cigarettes more than smoking your conventional cigarettes.

So, let’s have a look at the number of tricks and techniques you can apply so as to create thick clouds of smoke from your e-cigarettes.

1. Get your airflow proper

This is indeed a fact that more the speed of your airflow is, the thicker are the clouds of your e-cigarette. With more air emission, the temperature of the spiral remains relatively low followed by the creation of a cooling effect of the airflow.
Subsequently, as the cooling takes place the airflow increases and helps in the condensation process more, resulting in the formation of thick vape clouds.
The more the airflow increases, the more the older clouds of smoke will eradicate and new clouds of smoke will start forming. Since the airflow is the only component through which these smoke clouds are formed, the more it increases, the more there is a formation of thicker and bigger clouds. 

2. Increase the power

You can also increase the power of your e-cigarette, and, hence, it will result in the formation of thicker clouds of smoke from your e-cigarette. Some of the factors that contribute to increasing the power of your vape juice can be a constant presence of e-juice concentration, increasing the power setting that will result in bigger vape clouds.

On the other hand, if you raise the power of your e-cigarette it can also produce more heat, hence, resulting in an increase in temperature. Apart from that, you will also need a higher airflow set at a higher temperature so as to prevent the coil of your e-cigarette from being overheated.

3. Get the right device for cloud chasing

It will be simply impossible to get these massive clouds of vape smoke with a starter e-cigarette. But that doesn’t mean that you buy the most expensive mod in the market either. A mid-size e-cigarette with a powerful battery will be good enough. Oh yes, don’t forget the refillable tank to hold the e-juices. Whatever device you buy, do rigorous research about it and grasp the product knowledge completely.

4. Control the temperature for maximum efficacy

However, the temperature will be varying according to the different choices of different types of vape smokers. Besides, smoking your vape juice at an abnormally high temperature can also lead to the burning of your e-cigarette. For that, you need to be really careful while implementing these tricks and strategies to make your smoke clouds even thicker.

5. Ensure proper VG and PG Ratio with more emphasis on VG

The PG/VG ratio also comprises an indispensable part in making your e-cigarette clouds way thicker and bigger.

PG is known as propylene glycol whereas VG is vegetable glycerin. These components, along with flavoring and nicotine make up four of the primary ingredients in e-cigarettes.

The function of VG is to create the vapor in an e-cigarette while PG decides the concentration of flavor, richness, and sweetness in there.

Hence if you are on the lookout of what e-juice makes the biggest clouds, go for one with a PG/VG in 20:80 ratio, because more the content VG in your e-cigarette, thicker the vapor whereas more the PG is there, you can feel the flavored nicotine in your throat even more. For cloud chasing, it is not surprising to see vapers opting for pure VG (PG/VG ratio in 0:100). While the throat hit will be low due to the absence of PG, you will be able to emit massive vape clouds.

The art of vaping

Vaping is one of the most exciting practices that have come up in recent times. Stats have shown vaping to be less harmful compared to traditional smoking. Quite naturally, youngsters are warming up to this concept along with numerous chain smokers.

Blowing huge clouds somewhat add to the joy and excitement of vaping. However, one has to know the intricacies of the practice thus acquiring successful vaping experiences without affecting the user’s safety.

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So, these tips and tricks will hopefully be of great use and will resolve your problem of how to produce more vapor in your e-juices. You can go for any of the following that you think suits your needs and turns your vaping experience into an enjoyable event.

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