10 Common Mistakes to be avoided by a New Vaper

10 Common Mistakes to be avoided by a New Vaper

Are you planning to switch to vaping from smoking? Is it getting difficult for you to start vaping machine or use e-liquids for the first time and you seek to get hold of a vaping beginner’s guide? Well, it is pretty obvious for beginners to encounter some difficulties when you vape for the first time. You are not alone in this and we are here to point out some common mistakes that vapers commit and how to avoid them by following certain vaping precautionary measures.

1. Investing Your Money in Low-Quality Vaping Tools

When you first decide to buy a vaping tool, you generally choose to buy an e-cigarette and at least one bottle of e-liquid. However, if you buy these products from a cheaper supplier that does not offer any guarantee with their products, you are sure to experience a bad taste with your first vape, with added risks of device explosion or any injury. Spend your money wisely by doing a little research about the dealer before buying your vaping products to ensure your vaping safety.

2. Was it a Dry Hit?

Did you get a foul taste in your mouth while vaping your favourite e-liquid? Don’t blame e-liquid for this, as it is due to a dry hit that you experienced. That generally happens when your e-juice runs out from the coil. To counter this ugly situation where you feel a burning sensation in your throat, always check e-liquid’s quantity prior to starting your vape device. If you see a lower level of e-juice in your machine, replace it with another one to continue getting an amazing vaping experience.

3. Mixing E-liquids

Making combinations of different drinks sometimes looks interesting, but in the case of e-juices, it can turn out to be a nightmare. Each of e-liquid flavours has a particular taste and if you mix it with a totally different one, you end up destroying two of your most desired flavours. Avoid doing this and always clean your vaping tank well before replacing it with another one of your favourite vape juice.

4. Using a Dirty Coil

Your vaping tool is implanted with a coil that works as the engine of the car. Just like a car engine, this also attracts dust and gunk over a long period of time. It usually lasts for two weeks or lesser before it needs to be cleaned to get smooth and clean vape with every use. Try to clean your coils on a regular basis to get the best vaping experience every time you pick up your e-cigarette.

5. Infusing Higher Levels of Nicotine in Your E-Juice

It is known to everyone that e-cigs help in quitting smoking. However, you need to properly measure nicotine content in your vaping if you are making a switch from traditional cigarettes. You need to be clear about what type of e-juice you select, as most of the e-juices are available with different nicotine levels. In the beginning, experiment a bit by trying out the various e-juices, and once you find the right one, you would be able to enjoy the perfect throat hit.

6. Lower/ No Battery

What is the use of a clean coil, e-juice, and perfect nicotine strength when your vaping tool is out of battery? Well, that destroys the mood, right? Include the habit of charging your vaping device whenever it is out of use on a routine basis. It is also better to charge them with only the charger that comes along with your device to increase its shelf life.

7. No Experiments with E-Juices

We understand that certain vape users develop a liking for a particular e-liquid flavour. For instance, if you like candy flavour, and continue to vape the same flavour for a longer period of time, you tend to lose interest in vaping. It generally results in getting a vape tongue, a condition where you lose the ability to taste a particular flavour. Even though it is temporary in nature, avoid it by using different flavours at regular intervals.

8. Using Faulty E-Cigs

Have you noticed a leaking problem in your e-cigarette lately? If that so, take action immediately by fixing it instantly. It not only increases the lifespan of your vaping device but also keeps you away from any risk.

9. Lack of Hydration

You might have noticed a condition where your mouth becomes dry after thorough vaping, which is because of the condition called having a cottonmouth. It happens due to lack of drinking enough water before and after you vape. Keep yourself hydrated well at all times to enjoy a blissful vaping experience.

10. Using a Vape Device like Traditional Cigarettes

This trend is slowly spreading that vaping is a new smoking style, but this doesn’t mean that methods to use them are also similar. If you have been a smoker till now, you might have a habit of taking strong and quick puffs, and this doesn’t really work in the case of vaping. To enjoy it fully, inhale it for a longer period of time and create awesome clouds of vapours that you mostly see professional vapours create on various social media platforms.

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