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Vapetasia got its humble start in the early days of vaping as a small manufacturer with a handful of flavors and has since morphed into one of the most important e-liquid manufacturers in the industry. The founder started with a mission dedicated to making the highest quality hand crafted juice for the consumer, which continues today throughout all of the six lines they currently manufacture. The company’s most popular flavors are imitated so often that their award-winning recipes are now closely guarded to ensure quality and consistency in every bottle of Vapetasia.

The Las Vegas based company has continued to grow in popularity and is now considered a heavy hitter in the industry. The company makes so many unique flavors, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone across their lines. This variety, consistency, and quality have created a group of fans that are unwaveringly passionate and loyal to the brand. So, if you have ever wanted to buy Vapetasia E-Juice, now is the perfect time to browse their lines and find your next can’t-live-without flavor. Here’s an overview of the most popular Vapetasia flavors from their original line.