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Vape Dudes uses the finest ingredients to create its gourmet line of eJuice. Each bottle is carefully handcrafted to create a worthy vape experience.

‘Nilla No-Bake is a great eLiquid alone or you can add it to other flavors and customize an explosive vanilla experience. If you prefer a custard flavor done well, Abide is the go-to eLiquid. It’s creamy and sweet yet balanced to perfection. Your custard search will come to an end. In the mood for a lighter, cereal vape? Apple Jaxx answers the call with a mix of red and green apples that’s nicely spicy. Some say they can even taste the milk! Is there anything better than smooth bananas and cream with a layer of crisp wafers on top? Banana Cream Pie is as tasty as it sounds for the banana lover. If you’re looking for an enjoyable dessert, don’t pass this one up. A fan favorite time and again is Black Honey. Sweet but not fruity or overly tart, the blackberry and honey infused in this eLiquid will bring you back for more. Don’t miss out!

The staple of the Vape Dudes arsenal is Blue Honey. This classic is a bestseller for a reason as nothing compares to the marriage of wild blueberry and honey that overlap and complement one another. Try this liquid and see. Adding Buttery Nipple to your vape rotation is a must. This Vape Dudes original is fashioned after the popular drink. The rich, savory butterscotch is intoxicating holding onto your taste buds nice and smooth. When you want something simple and straightforward, Strabango delivers. The name of this simple yet tasty vape is merged like its ingredients: fresh strawberries and tropical mangoes. If you prefer slightly more complexity in your eLiquid, The Loop delivers. A little sweet, a little tart with a touch of citrus that rounds out a creamy, milky smooth finish - one bottle is not enough.