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Pinup Vapors got its start when founder Timothy Stark began vaping in 2010. Back then, there wasn’t a huge variety of flavors or ratios available which was a problem for Stark when he realized he had an aversion to propylene glycol or PG. This led him to dabble in creating a high-quality max VG liquid as a hobby and for personal use to fill the void in the market at the time. As word got around about these exceptional max VG e-liquids, Pinup Vapors was born.

Pinup Vapors is rooted in paying homage to the stunning pinup models of early-mid century America. Every one of their fantastic e-liquid flavors is named after one of these alluring women and are meant to be both sweet and tantalizing. When you buy Pinup Vapors, you’re not only getting a delightful assortment of fruit and dessert combinations; you’re getting a unique window into a different era that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. Here’s an overview of Pinup Vapors top five most popular e-liquid flavors.