Nicotine Base - E-Liquid 250ml

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Nicotine Strength

Unflavored USP Food Grade e-liquid base with Nicotine from 0mg to 200mg. Ideal for DIY mixing. USP Food Grade Nicotine can be very dangerous so please make sure you are an advanced user and know the precautions before mixing your own  e-liquids. *You are using this at your own risk and Super Vape Store won't be responsible for incorrect usage.

All e-liquids are USP Food Grade. All e-liquids contain no diacetyl or related compounds. Nicotine over 24mg is highly recommended to be diluted before vaping.

We recommend a 100% PG base with the 100mg-200mg options. The PG has a longer shelf life and will keep the potency of the nicotine for a longer time, It is also easier to syringe especially if you are only using a small amount each time.


  • Hover mouse over DIY then click Nicotine Base
  • Click on E-liquid Base – 250ml
  • Choose your Nicotine Strength (100mg recommended for creating 3 to 6mg bottles of e-juice - 200mg if you are mixing higher than 6mg)
  • Choose your Base (100% PG recommended as its easier to syringe)
  • Click Add to Cart

Once your product arrives is where you use the table below to measure the correct dosage required.

 Mixing Into your own Juice
(using 100mg 100% PG nicotine base)

Nicotine Table

This is the most cost effective way to add nicotine to your Non Nicotine E-Liquids!

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine