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Established in April 2015, Ontario, California, Juice Roll Upz is a Premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturer with one goal: creating only great quality products, with the perfect, nostalgic flair! They only provide the best quality of eJuices and the best of experiences, specifically designed to please all the vapers of the community.

Carefully manufactured and bottled, Roll Upz flavors are bound to make you always crave for more and more of them!

Their flavors range is centered around fruit and candy, bound to take you back to the simpler, sweeter days of your childhood and make your taste buds happier, with every delicious, cloudy puff.

Watermelon Punch Ice is a new take on the taste of your childhood, a crisp, tasty watermelon flavor that will make you think of sitting on the porch, staring at a gorgeous summer sunset. It comes with a surprising twist: a kick of menthol!

Strawberry is another one of the premium stars of this brand, giving you the taste of your favorite lunch-box snacks with a refreshing strawberry fruit-roll flavor! YUM!