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Buckshot Vapors was created, as many eJuice brands are, out of the desire to help every former smoker overcome their cravings, providing them with delicious alternatives that make the job easier. They do so by using high quality ingredients and by continuously developing their creation process to suit the ever-improving standards of the industry.

These premium eJuice manufacturers create superior, distinct flavors that are enjoyable all day vapes and, at the same time, healthier alternatives to cigarette smoking.

The Buckshot Vapors line is built around fruits and candy, providing a little something for every vaper of the community.

One of their premium must-try stars is Hard Candy, a yummy blend of sweet tarts candy that will make your taste buds tingle with excitement! FIll your tank and enjoy this cloudy goodie anytime, anywhere!

If you are looking for a cooler experience, .357 is the perfect vape for you! It’s an amazingly mentholated blend of tangy strawberries and mouthwatering watermelon that you will sure adore!