Remember These Tips for a Hassle-Free Air Journey with Your Vape

Remember These Tips for a Hassle-Free Air Journey with Your Vape

Travelling is always a tricky scenario. This is when you have to consider many things, including carrying your vape tube. Many young vapers constantly worry themselves over this. More often than not, they are unsure about international vaping etiquette. Since vaping is relatively new, people all over are unsure about how well others around them would go about with it.

You essentially made the decision to switch to vaping for a reason; this decision has to be firm. In addition, your travelling, in no way, should compel you to go back to traditional smoking. Since vaping helps to kick the smoking habit, this would just end up being counterproductive then.

The nature of your travel has nothing to do with your vaping. Irrespective, of the fact that the trip is business or vacation; there should be nothing, which will hamper your vaping. However, different countries have different perceptions regarding vaping. You would be unsure about whether the country you enter would be cool about vaping.

The uncertainty on this frontier can often leave you unsure whether should you carry your E-cig accessories or not. We understand how confusing it may get and hence have compiled a list of things to ease it a notch for you. This quick rundown will help you be the ultimate travelling vaper, without any hassle.

The Essentials:

By carrying these E-cig accessories when travelling, you can ensure a comfortable vaping experience

  • Charger

Quite like all the electronic equipment you carry, your e-cigarette charger is no different. A regular USB charger should be enough to accompany your e-cig, to make sure it never runs out of juice.

  • Batteries

As a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to carry a pair of batteries along with you, wherever it is that you are planning to go. Why carry a pair of batteries? So that when one battery charging, the other could provide you with the power boost you need.

  • E-liquid cartridges

It would not be great when your vape tube has all the power but no juice. Carrying extra e-liquid cartridges backs you up with your favourite e-juice flavour when you run out of juice.

That is about the essentials. Here is what you need to know about how to carry it, with our quick rundown of the most effective packing techniques.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you must not pack your e-cigarette with your clothes. Chances are that, due to one unforeseeable reason or another, your e-cigarette might leak. You also have to make sure that you have a case to carry your e-cig. Carrying an e-cig in a case is the surest way to protect it from being broken during transportation. It may only take a few more minutes than usual for you to carefully pack your e-cig but will end up saving you a whole lot of money.

Tips to bear in mind while you fly with vape

However, many may not know this, but airlines consider vaping similar to smoking. Naturally, vaping on-board is strictly prohibited. As a matter of precaution, it would be better to carry your e-cig and e-cig accessories with you in your carry-on luggage. This ensures that nothing happens to your e-cig.

Wrapping it up in a leak-proof seal would keep your important things in your carry luggage from reeking of vape juice. As mentioned earlier, packing it in a protective case goes a long way. It is also a handy tip to keep the battery and the atomizer separate.

Keep calm to handle airport staff

Most importantly, you have to have been prepared to answer the questions asked of you by the airport officials. Chances are that they even confiscate the stuff if you do not answer them correctly.

Worst-case scenarios, if your e-cig actually is confiscated, do not bother. Do not, in any way, make a fuss, argue, or even make jokes about it. Affording a new e-cig is far better than affording a lawyer.

To wrap up

Vaping is fine as long as you do it after confirming the rules and regulations. It must not be done where people are evidently discomforted by it. Wherever you go, you need to review the policies that are in place regarding vaping or smoking for that matter.

Some places have acknowledged the existence of e-cigarettes and have already devised rules about those. No matter how preposterous they sound to you, you need to respect the rules in place. This is certain that you would not want to come across as an offensive vaper. This would defeat the whole purpose of a chill vape now, wouldn’t it?

The next time you fly with a vape tube in your bag, remember these tips to have a hassle-free journey with your e-cigarettes.

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