Nicotine Salts and E-Juices - A More Satisfying Experience: An Overview

Nicotine Salts and E-Juices - A More Satisfying Experience: An Overview

According to a WHO report, the number of vapers in 2011 was estimated to be around 7 million which rose to 35 million by 2016. Certain market analytics say that the number of adults who vape will reach almost to 55 million by the year 2021.

However, with increasing vaping, people have always complained about the feel and harshness of e-liquid. Just like the technologies are constantly evolving e-liquids are no different. The latest buzz has emerged with the advent of salt-based nicotine. In case you are confused with what is the buzz around nicotine salts, here is an interesting overview.

Nicotine salts

With the question “what is nicotine salt?”, don’t get confused by the term ‘salt’. Nicotine salts don’t mean you will have a salty taste while taking the drag. The name has been given as per its chemical definition. Nic salts are a type of nicotine obtained from leaf tobacco and are a more stable form of nicotine with respect to the free base liquid as found in most vaping liquids.

In tobacco leaves, nicotine salts are found naturally and this naturally obtained salt is strategically infused mostly with organic compounds like benzoic acid to have a stable nicotine salt base while reducing the pH level.

Freebase nicotine

To understand why or how nicotine salts are effective begin with understanding the chemical nature of nicotine. Chemically, the regular nicotine is also referred to as freebase nicotine or nicotine liquid. These are directly extracted from tobacco leaves, purified and all impurities found within it are stripped off. Thus, you get the purest form of nicotine.

This pure form is what is used in most e-liquid juices. Note that this freebase nicotine is highly alkaline which means they have a pH ranges of around 7-8. This is ideal for long-time smokers who want a great experience when vaping. However, there is a growing group of people who prefer a milder experience. This can be because they are new to vaping, or need lesser nicotine strength.

This is where nic salts come in.

Due to the use of salt crystals mixed with benzoic acid, nicotine salts have the capability to reduce the pH level and thus decrease the level of harshness vapers feel when inhaling the e-cigs. This means now you can smoke a much higher level of nicotine without that roughness hitting your throat.

Benzoic acid

Now that you have understood nic salts are smoother and palatable, the question arises on what makes them so smooth. Although many organic materials are used in nicotine salts, benzoic acid comprises the highest percentage. The purposes benzoic acid serves are:

  • It allows the salt nicotine juice to vaporize at much lower temperatures
  • It is the main ingredient that reduces the pH of nicotine salt making it much smoother
  • It increases the absorbance of nicotine salt into the body.

The basic chemistry behind this is simple. Higher pH means higher alkalinity as is the case with traditional vaping devices. But if you are a beginner or want a less harsh hit to the throat, then benzoic acid will help you. It brings down the pH level of nicotine and also the alkalinity associated with it. This way if you are looking for a smoother vaping experience then the benzoic acid within the nicotine salts ensures it.

Advantages of nicotine salts

  • Smoother than traditional e-liquids

When it comes to the use of nicotine salts, the biggest advantage is definitely its smoothness. This provides a great alternative experience to the traditional vapers. Nic salts work wonders by reducing the pH level and thus provide a smoother nicotine hit.

  • Better absorption

The next advantage is the nic salt e-juice blood absorption rate is much faster and is almost close enough to an actual cigarette. This high absorption acts as an added advantage as it is closer to the actual cigarette, and thus combats your addiction in a more effective manner.

  • Better satisfaction

First-timers would definitely love the smooth hit they feel when using vaping devices with nic salt juices in it. They feel more compelled to make the switch from tobacco smoking to vaping when the device has nic salts in it.

  • Lower impact on flavour

People who have moved up to smoking nicotine-free e-liquids will see a significant difference in flavour even if they are smoking the same product. But with nic salt juice, there is no change to the flavour. Thus, vapers can enjoy a rich flavour-laden experience with nicotine salt juices.

  • Lower cost overheads

A good quality box mod tends to be on the expensive side. Add to it the premium e-liquids and what you get is a cost-prohibitive option. If you need an inexpensive vaping experience then nic salts are the right way to go.

Any negatives?

Though not much, however, it is crucial to note that nic salts need different devices. Because of its higher consumption rate, you cannot use the devices you were using for your traditional vaping purposes. Never use nic salts in any high powered device or sub-ohm devices. Nic salts are always to be used in small low wattage devices.

Who should use it?

As nic salts closely resemble actual cigarette smoking, so if you are new in the quitting regime and you crave for drag occasionally even if you are out in public then the forms of best nicotine salt e-liquid is the way, to begin with. With small portable devices that don’t give out big chunks of cloud, nic salts are perfect to satisfy your cravings in smaller and concentrated dosages.
If you are wondering if nic salts are great for you, then you can try answering these questions to get better guidance:

  • Do you classify yourself as a heavy smoker?
  • Do you prefer smooth vapour with high nicotine?
  • Do you need a more genuine smoking experience?
  • Does the nicotine ‘punch’ need to be strong or subtle?
  • Do you prefer vaping discreetly or do you enjoy blowing out big clouds of smoke?
  • Do you want to spend on a separate vape device with a lower wattage?

To conclude

This was all you needed to know about nicotine salts and how it improves the overall vaping experience. Make sure to buy a good quality nic salt to enhance your experience further.

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