DIY E-Juice Making: Explaining this Vaping process from A to Z

DIY E-Juice Making: Explaining this Vaping process from A to Z

The fun of vaping is considerably enhanced when the vaper gets options for personalization. This new trend of customizing the e-liquids has increased ever since the advent of the concept of DIY e-juice. The process of DIY e-juice has enabled millions of vapers all across the world to make their own e-juice without a hitch. The most significant advantage of DIY e-juice is that one would not waste time and money in buying the e-liquids they don’t like.

What Exactly is DIY E-Juice?

The term DIY stands for ‘Do It Yourself’. In DIY E-Juice making, one prepares their e-liquid by mixing the three major elements that make up an actual e-liquid; base liquid of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycol (VG), nicotine, and flavor concentrate. One doesn’t necessarily need these four things together as even an unflavored nicotine e-liquid base would suffice.

Mixing the DIY E-Juice

Vapers can mix their DIY e-juice either by the weight of the e-liquid or by its volume. While mixing by weight, the specific gravity of each of the ingredients is taken into account. It is essential to get an e-juice recipe calculator to measure the weights of PG, VG, flavorings, and nicotine. The concept of the e-juice calculator shall be discussed in the coming paragraphs.

Materials Needed for Making the E-Juice

No matter which method the vaper chooses to mix his e-liquid, the essential and supplies needed to do it is the same for both the cases. Here are the materials that are required for making the DIY e-juice:

  • Base Liquids

The most vital ingredients in the e-juice, vegetable glycol, and propylene glycol are known as the base e-liquids. Propylene glycol is a chemical used in foods, tobacco and personal care products. Vegetable glycol, on the other hand, is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals as well as food products. Most of the e-juices have a mix of both generally represented in the ratio of PG to VG. The common ratios are 70/30, 50/50 or 30/70.

  • Flavored Concentrates

The flavors decide the ultimate taste of the e-liquids and there are thousands of e-liquid concentrates available in the market. The composition of flavors in an average e-liquid mixture is around 10-20%, but some are strong enough around 5%. Hence it is paramount to read the label of the flavors to get a clear picture of its impact.

  • Nicotine

Even though it’s optional but nicotine is still used by a large number of vapers. The ideal nicotine level for beginners is between 8 to 24 mg. It is always a plus if one is aware of the different levels of nicotine strength before going to vape. One should keep away the nicotine from children under any circumstances.

  • Storage Bottles

Clean plastic bottles are ideal for storing the base liquids. If using nicotine, it can be stored in amber or cobalt bottles. These bottles can be dark in color as it would immensely help to slow the degradation of the nicotine.

  • Gloves

It is always advised to wear a pair of gloves while creating the e-liquids. Nicotine, for example, upon contact with the skin, can cause constant itching and scratching. A good quality glove can be availed in any pharmacy.

What are E-Juice Calculators?

E-Juice calculators are tools used for determining the strength of nicotine and other flavors to be used in the e-liquid mixture. These tools tremendously reduce the chances of errors that often cost vapers heavily while preparing their e-juice. There are several desktop and smartphone applications available online which help to calibrate the right mixture of ingredients. Some of them are:

This e-juice mixing tool has an excellent user-friendly interface to calculate the right amount of ingredients needed to make the best e-liquid. Its free edition version enables to determine the strength of up to 20 flavors.

Another fantastic desktop application, E-juice Me Up allows vapers to measure the volume and strength of their nicotine and flavors effectively. One can save their recipes in this app for future use too.

This is an amazing android application that helps to produce the perfect e-liquid level by mixing up to eight flavors in units like ml, drops, and grams. It satisfies the demands of both beginners and experienced vapers.

Steps for Creating the DIY E-Juice

There are five basic steps for creating the best DIY E-Juice for a fascinating vaping experience.

  • Prepare the Nicotine Level

It is important to apply some math skills here to determine the correct volume of nicotine required for the e-liquid to match the desired percentage. The strength of the nicotine in milligrams and the overall volume of e-juice is used to obtain the right amount of nicotine. Online calculators and smart-phone apps can be utilized to save time spent doing math. 

  • Make the Flavor

One or more e-liquid flavor concentrates can be used while preparing the e-juice. Beginners should start with one or two flavors for getting the knack of it. One should always add a little less flavor than what is demanded by the e-juice calculator as it would prevent the ruining of e-liquids.

  • Prepare Base

The choice of PG to VG ratio is entirely arbitrary and can be varied over time. It is important to note that diluted nicotine already consists of some levels of PG to VG and hence need not be tweaked further.

  • Mix the Blend

It is necessary to mix the blend thoroughly to get the best taste out of the e-liquid. One needs to really shake the mixture vigorously as some high VG e-juices are very thick and needs time to settle down. The term ‘vigorously’ needs to be taken seriously as the mixture needs a shaking up to 2-3 minutes to get completely dispersed.

  • Steep the E-liquid

Steeping is a process where a chemical reaction occurs between the ingredients of the e-liquid and the oxygen in the air. This is done to let the flavors blend nicely.  Even though steeping is a personal choice, most e-liquids taste fantastic when it has been steeped. Some vapers steep the e-liquids for weeks to get the taste they desire.

DIY e-juice is probably a fad that is going to gain more popularity in the coming days. It is important to note that one should not rush as it takes time and patience to be a pro in this domain. Keep experimenting safely for slowly learning the art of making your own e-juice.

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